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Patxi Usobiaga will be coaching a limited group of advanced climbers in Chullila this October, and you could be one of them.

RocUp Holidays are offering a unique, once in a lifetime opportunity to climb with and be coached by Alex, alongside a stellar line-up of resident RocUp coaches. Our aim is to get you on-sighting and red-pointing your hardest ever sport grades during one jam packed week on quality Kalymnos limestone.

We have devised an intense week of fully coached workshops, to give you the best chance possible of taking your climbing to the next level.

The week will be hard work, so make sure you train well and properly prepare yourself. You can chat to us about how best to prepare for the trip.
The availability of Alex’ holiday is highly limited. On a RocUp Holiday the coach to climber ratios are capped at 1:4 again to make sure that every climber gets the support they need to achieve their goals.

The holiday is 7 nights long and will take in September 2016. Details TBC.

Patxi Usobiaga

Patxi Usobiaga should need no introduction. He is one of the most well-known competition climbers, having featured in BigUp’s film, progression.

Although Patxi has always climbed outside, he set his sights on competitions from an early age. At the beginning his objectives were the Spanish national competitions, then the European Youth Championship and following that, the World Cups! One after another he won all of them, and in 2009 Patxi finally won what was left, the World Championships, putting an end to his dream of winning all the competitions (including Masters) in the international circuit.

Outside, Patxi is well known for his achievements too, especially after his FA of Bizi Euskaraz, Etxauri in 2007 – the world’s first 8c+ onsight!

Patxi has climbed multiple 9as and 9a+s and more recently has turned his hand to coaching – launching PUCseries Training. Most people will recognise Patxi for his climbing achievements, but he should also be known for coaching some of the world’s best climbers. You’ve all heard of Dani Andrada, Edu Marin, Chris Sharma and Adam Ondra haven’t you?
Well Patxi is their coach and now he can be yours too.

What do you like most about coaching rock climbing?

I love to help climbers become happy as they achieve their goals. I love watching them grow and develop new skills along the journey.

What is so good about the climbing in Chullila?

Chulilla is a paradise! – High quality lines and an absolutely idylic place to just enjoy yourself

Vital Trip Stats

  • Exclusive fully coached climbing holiday with Patxi Usobiaga
  • Where: Chullila
  • When: October 2017
  • Price: £650.00
  • Climber to coach ratios of 1:4
  • You must be able to lead climb and belay
  • Single pitch sport climbing

In Kalymnos the weather is great, the people are amazing, and the food is incredible as well! And the climbing- wow.

Alex Megos

You just get the whole package there. I think the nice part about coaching is that you are able to teach other people and give some of your knowledge to them to make them better at what they want to do. Everybody makes mistakes and everybody can learn something new and improve in a way

Alex Megos

Patxi’s ROC UP Holiday


Holiday format

what, where and when...

September 2016. Details TBC.

We recommend you stay at Hotel Plaza – to maximise the enjoyment of your holiday. The RocUp coaches and Rocstars will be staying at this hotel. We will be running video analysis sessions every evening looking over Telendos in the bar and leaving every morning from this point after breakfast.

You will be coached for 5 days with a rest day in between. 3 RocUp coaches will be running the week, with Alex joining after the rest day and coaching for 3 days. With Alex’s wealth of knowledge and experience, and even his presence and psyche willing you on, you’ll be sure to come away having achieved your goals.

You will have a 1:1 post climb analysis session each evening with a RocUp coach, probably over a beer at the pool bar as the sun sets across the Aegean sea. The group will then eat at a different pre-arranged restaurant each night- the food on Kalymnos is second to none!

Arrival; Meet RocUp team in the evening at Hotel Plaza for welcome drinks and meal.

Workshops with resident coaches. Evening post climb analysis session. Dinner

Workshops with resident roaches. Evening post climb analysis session. Dinner

Rest day. Welcome drinks with Alex in evening. Dinner.

Coaching with Alex and resident coaches. Post climb analysis. Dinner

Coaching with Alex and resident coaches. Post climb analysis. Dinner

Coaching with Alex and resident coaches. Post climb analysis. Dinner.


Days Fully Coached Climbing
Days Climbing with Alex
Nights in Kalymnos

The Coaches


Alongside Alex and for the entire holiday you will be coached by three professionals who have many years of experience between them helping others achieve their climbing goals


Leah Crane

RocUp Coach

Two times British Bouldering Champion
Professional coach for 7 years

Leah is an accomplished competition climber and a member of Team GB. With trad ascents up to E6, sport routes in the 8’s and boulder problems with double figures, you can rest assured that Leah will put all of her experience and knowledge into use when she is working with ROC UP clients.

Leah’s technique coaching is famous nationwide and with a background in gymnastics her knowledge of movement is impeccable. Leah has an intrinsic ability to pick out subtleties in all climbing styles and types; from day one beginners, to advanced and experienced climbers.


Ben West

RocUp Coach

Member of GB bouldering team
Professional coach for 8 years

Ben is part of the BMC’s coaching development team and has climbed F8c on rock, as well as on-sighting multiple F8a’s. He runs a successful youth climbing squad in the South West and came 18th in the Bouldering World Cup.

“I’m really looking forward to working as a RocUp coach in Kalymnos. I have been twice before and love the place.”


Robin O’Leary

RocUp Coach

Founder of RocUp
Professional coach for 6 years

Robin is fairly unique in that he has coached professionally everyday for the last 6 years.

Robin has climbed F8b and is fast building a reputation as one of the leading professional coaches in the industry, his achievements in youth coaching are the most astounding in the UK, with his climbing squad crushing at competitions nationwide. His adult clients similarly have seen huge gains, jumping number grades from his coaching sessions in short periods of time, putting him in high demand. Robin was coached under Neil Gresham for many years, including in Kalymnos, which he has visited various times.

“I can’t wait to coach alongside the likes of Leah, Ben and Alex. Running these kind of unique coaching holidays have been a dream of mine for a long time, I can’t wait for you to join us for what will be an incredible experience.”


Cailean Harker

RocUp Coach

Professional Coach

Cailean started climbing whilst on a school trip at the age of 12. His passion quickly took him outside where he excelled in many genres of the sport including: Traditional climbing, Sport climbing, Bouldering and Deep Water Soloing. His personal skills led him to take an interest in passing this knowledge on to others.

He has a well-rounded knowledge of coaching outdoor sports and has a number of coaching qualifications which match these interests.

His biggest passion is climbing and that became his main focus, going from instructor, to coach, to centre manager onto creating his own coaching business doing what he enjoyed, sharing his love for climbing.

Cailean has onsighted 8a+ and redpointed 8c as well as bouldering up to and including V13!


Kalymnos is one of the best sport climbing destinations on the planet. Kalymnos is home to over 1,700 routes across 64 different crags covering all angles and styles from 3+-9a, it really is the perfect gym in which to practice, hone and push your skills to the next level with the help of our RocUp coaches.

We will be staying at the Hotel Plaza in Masouri, arguably the best hotel on the island. It was refurbished recently and offers incredible sea views from the gorgeous pool and cliff top bar.

We suggest you book a sea-view room at this incredible hotel. This will be the hub of RocUp Holidays. Every evening, your video analysis from the day’s climbing will take place on the magnificent terrace overlooking Telendos with a well-earned drink in hand.

The Hotel Plaza


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