My RocUp trip was fantastic, I really couldnĀ¹t fault it. Every aspect of the trip was well organised and well executed, travel arrangements, accommodation, crag selection, the coaching, the social side, it all combined to make a really memorable holiday.

The coaching team were awesome, hugely knowledgeable and happy to share that knowledge, the low climber to coach ratio (2:1) meant you got really in-depth analysis tailored to your own specific requirements, daily reviews ensured you had something to work on the next day.

I never expected the social aspect of the holiday to be as good as it was, the climbers were a great mixed bunch of people, the coaches were a lot of fun, even Magnus just joined right in with the fun, it was more like hanging out with a big bunch of friends, with some coaching thrown in. Aside from the climbing, my favourite part of the trip was playing volleyball and bat & ball on the beach every afternoon, everyone joined in and nobody was afraid to make an idiot of themselves!

I would recommend a RocUp trip to almost any climber, regardless of ability, our group had a wide range of abilities but everyone came away with a load of priceless advice and knowledge, the trip would be worth it just for the coaching, so the hugely enjoyable holiday is a complete bonus!

Dan Verge

Climbing with the RocUp coaches for five days was just awesome. The best thing for me was the coaching and post climbing analysis and I learned a lot during the week. Meeting and climbing with Alex was an incredible bonus.

Henrik Malmsten

Thanks for a great week in Kalymnos! My climbing improved a lot and thanks to the coaches, i could eliminate some errors that i did not even noticed before this trip.

Meeting Magnus was also a great experience. It amazing to see how passionate he is for climbing, and watching him climb really motivates you to try hard on your own projects.

Randolph Moellenberg